2% Deposit Bonus Of Every Deposit

Promotional category : 2% Deposit Bonus Of Every Deposit

Promotional target : All Members

Promotion Platform : ALL GAMES

Promotional period: 2024/3/25 - 2024/4/30

Promotional Details: Members will receive a 2% deposit bonus after each recharge. After deposit contact the online customer service to apply for the bonus.

Event Details:

ProductDeposit AmountBonus PercentageMax BonusTurnover
All GamesAny Amount2%No Limit(Deposit Amount + Bonus Amount)X 3
Can Claim Deposit Bonus On Every Deposit


Deposit AmountToday BonusBonus Turnover

Terms & Conditions:

1.Players must fulfill the required turnover requirement in order to transfer or withdraw.

2.This promotion can be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.

3.Each player, the same mobile phone number、email address、the same bank account、each IP address and each device can only participate this bonus with one account. If any violators are found, We will indefinitely reserve the right to review and deduct the bonus and profits generated

4.If any member or group attempts to obtain discounts in an abnormal manner, SIKWIN reserves the right to freeze or close relevant accounts without notice.

5.To avoid text differences, Sikwin reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.